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Is there any benefit to using an exercise ball at a desk?

Not just for our kids, but for us too! If there is... I may try it out (to the laughter of my colleagues, no doubt).

Seeking Fact Health & Wellbeing 4 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

3 experts and 1 parent have answered

Nick Antram admin
Nick Antram UX/Visual designer at Cholsey, GB

I tried this for a bit, and it can help posture, but after an hour it became quite uncomfortable! I have read it should be only used in small amounts as it can put pressure on the bottom of your spine. Its extra funny if you fall off.

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Experience 4 years ago
expert answer
Richard Lingard expert
Richard Lingard Designer, Writer, Teacher & Dad Banbury, GB
Education expert

I've got one of those bally-chair-type things and it's helped my posture no end. I think if it's loose and rolling about all over the place, it's probably quite hard work but with a fixed base, it's fab!

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Experience 4 years ago
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Jill Thompson expert
Jill Thompson Education consultant US
Education expert

I think it is comfortable and classrooms should have them too. Her is my blog post on the concept/idea

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Experience 4 years ago
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Richard Taylor expert
Richard Taylor Father of 4 boys & IT Consultant Bushmills, GB
Technology expert

Surely this is just a distraction. Unless teacher-training has changed dramatically since I did it in 2004, as a teacher you shouldn't be behind your desk for very much during the day anyway you should be helping your students and keeping them focused. Break-times and lunch times are time for exercise, as well as all the walking round the classroom - I reckon as a teacher I must have walked at least a mile per day around the class!

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Experience 3 years ago

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