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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

Second hand game dens, pre-owned aisles and charity shops are some of the few places where kids can spend their limited resources on preloved entertainment. Are they going the way of the dinosaur or are they seeing a new lease of life with modern technology? Well, erm, both.

With virtual music it’s increasingly cut-and-dry – you can’t really sell on an MP3. Now Microsoft want games to go the same way.

When I was younger, a new PlayStation 2 game would set you back thirty quid – around $50 – which I didn’t really have. So, I exerted Buddha-like patience (for a 12-year-old) until the games were a few months old, and picked them up cheap second-hand.

Rumour has it the Xbox 720 – as the 360’s soon-to-be-announced follow-up is tentatively/unimaginatively named – will block such pre-owned games. How? It’ll always be online, and require activation codes, like PC games. Of course this is mainly because games themselves will come as downloads, rather than discs – and you can’t trade in downloads, so they won’t let us trade in physical games, either.

Which is all a little bleak for the discerning allowance-spender, but there’s some relief in the news Amazon are working on a re-selling tool for Kindle books - and secondhand e-books don’t have the wear, tear and funny smell of real ones! Now you just need to convince the young ‘uns that books are more exciting that games. You’re on your own there.

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Experience 4 years ago
expert answer
David Sheppard expert
David Sheppard school teacher GB
Education expert

and then there's always open source...

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Experience 4 years ago
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Andy Powell expert
Andy Powell Internet Consultant Oldham, GB

Sony has said the PS4 will not block second hand games and as suggested you could go down the open source route with the Ouya

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Opinion 4 years ago

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