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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK
I'm calling it: pronounced on January 23, 2014. At least that's when LoveSpace - 'the no-nonsense, hassle-free storage service offering newly cohabiting couples the perfect safety net to guard against unexpected break-ups' – launched, ensuring that in the even of a break-up, you get to keep a contentious item in Secret Storage. Is it a sign that romance is dead?
It's surely not a good sign, since it's a bit calculating. It's a useful service, sure, but it also puts the idea in your head that your relationships (even when you're living with someone!) are finite. Perhaps that's just the way things are these days. People don't date, they have one-night stands over Tinder. And if and when these crazy kids do date, they do it all over the internet anyway. Then in the rare occasion that you do meet up in person, you'll both be distracted by your Google Glasses. It's done. Hang up your bow tie, Michael Buble, you've nothing more to sing about.
Or does he...? Not that I particularly want him to, but there's a good change romance isn't dead, it's just our idea of it is changing. More and more relationships will start online, and why not? It's easier to spread your net and find someone you're really connected to, rather than plumping for the least awful person in your small town. Dating sites help with that, too (and you can give them an extra push, with some maths skills and, admittedly, some creepiness). Break ups might be a bit tougher, what with everything being documented on social media nowadays, but kids growing up with that will be used to it. And if all else fails, just go out with a videogame character. It's not that weird. Promise.

What do you think? Is romance dead, or evolving? Tell us below! 
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