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Emily Chef US

Of course not. I think an early 2 year old is a little young to use it alone, but sitting her on your lap like you've been doing is a good thing. I play games on the computer with my 2 year old too, but I don't let him touch. I teach him to point, not touch the screen. We go to the Sesame Street web site. He tells me what to do and we play games like sorting animals by size, or color, or type and finding animals and such. I have let him try the mouse out a couple of times, but he doesn't understand that moving the mouse left will move the pointer left and she usually ends up with her pointer on the far side of the screen and she can't find it.

I'm sure there are others out there, but that is the one that I thought of.This is something special that she does but it isn't something I do every day. I do agree to attempt to keep them off of it as much as possible, or at least limit the exposure. I use it more like a learning tool. I try to stay away from pointless games and attempt to focus more on learning games. I have a friend who bought to his 3 year old son the V-tech laptop, and he loves it. Of course, it's not a "real" computer, but he's learning numbers and letters, and it has a detachable mouse for left handed or right handed users.

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Experience 3 years ago
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Chris Puttick expert
Chris Puttick CEO, chief assistant to the duck GB
E-safety expert

There's a fe hardware options, at the cheapest an old laptop with a separate keyboard & mouse (to be replaced as they require...). In terms of software to get started, have a look at the GCompris activity suite. Free download with the option of paying for additional activities later (or all free if you use the Linux version).

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Opinion 3 years ago
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Opinion 5 months ago
Jenna Elizabeth Moffat
Jenna Elizabeth Moffat Jenna moffat student Edinburgh, GB

if your two year old want to go on the computer all the better as the world is turning in to technical one every thing now a days is all to do with some sort of computer so the younger the better just limit time on it . You can safe gard stuff you do not want you child on.

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Opinion 4 months ago

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