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Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Matt Thrower writer
Matt Thrower Parent. Gamer. Coder. Writer. Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, UK

It depends on the age and your attitudes to violence. Civilisation is a pretty complex game to play properly, especially on harder difficulty settings, and is probably only really suitable for mid-teens upwards. It's also a game that rewards aggression, especially during the early stages, and while Minecraft does feature combat it's secondary to the main purpose of the game and can be avoided entirely in "creative" mode.

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Chris Dymond expert
Chris Dymond Geek dad of two young boys Sheffield, GB

I agree with Matt. One thing I'd add though is that the big lesson that Civ provides (in my view) is the technology tree - the idea that one idea leads to another leads to another, each opening up possibilities that didn't exist before. And also that the tree is asymmetrical - some advances rely on previous ones, but others do not. This opens up thinking about whether our own history is inevitable or contingent, etc. So I think you can get an awful lot out of Civ, but definitely for mid-teens and up as Matt mentioned.

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Adam Clarke expert
Adam Clarke Creative Practitioner GB

MInecraft and Civ are different games - for me I like the open endedness of MInecraft and I fine it easy to play with my 5 year old boy at home via a LAN connection - he is able to explore, create and build, we adventure together and I am in control of the time we spend in world and the type of gameplay - Creative or Fighting/Adventure. Civ I think will come later although I have a stack of board games also waiting in the wings that use strategy and more traditional game play elements...

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Opinion 4 years ago

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