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Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu
fitness fan and mother of two
London, GB

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James Diamond expert
James Diamond E-Safety & Safeguarding Trainer Leicester, GB
E-safety expert

Hi Frankie.

I'm sure anyone who has encountered me on here before will know exactly what I'm about to say...

The thing is, it can be relatively safe for children to use Skype and other video chat platforms. The key considerations are around the ground rules you set and their maturity and understanding of responsible behaviour online.

In this example I would suggest a few 'rules':

  • Ensure your son only has people he knows personally on his contacts list, and that he doesn't chat to people he doesn't know
  • Make sure the chats take place at a reasonable hour
  • Let him know that you expect to be able to quietly check on him (no locking himself away in the bedroom for example)
  • And most importantly, make sure he knows that he needs to tell you if anything is worrying him or concerning him online - anything from unwanted contact to cyber bullying.

Skype can be a great way to communicate when used sensibly, and I would say you should be encouraging positive use of digital technology.

Hope that helps!

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