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Jeffrey Dionne expert
Jeffrey Dionne Teacher JP
Education expert

Why complicate your life? I've curtailed my Facebook activities simply because there are always literally thousands of students or former students knocking at my virtual door. Even alums are risky to me because while they may have graduated, it doesn't mean they are out of the loop. If they see pictures of my wild weekend partying (if only I still did that!) I'll hear about it through some 13-year-old at school.

I also take my role as a role model (pun intended) seriously, so I'm careful with my online presence.

I can't be bothered creating this profile for school, that profile for myself, etc. So I use PikiFriends (shameless plug) for my student connections because the whole system is open, there are no hidden exchanges, like messaging or chats. No fear whatsoever of getting caught up in some "I saw your pic on Facebook" conversation with students or fellow staff.

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Experience 4 years ago
Quibly Moderator admin
Quibly Moderator I am a moderator London, UK

Teachers and pupils are not "friends" in real life - once the professional relationship is over, by all means "friend" each other. There are other ways to stay in touch using social and mobile tools, so there is no reason for Facebook to be part of the learning equation.

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Opinion 4 years ago
Nicola Gibb
Nicola Gibb PR, mother of one London, GB

That depends on the content of that teacher's page, if they are aware of their 'audience' and therefore ensuring it is edited accordingly. I have heard of teachers that have a Facebook page with the specific remit of helping with homework etc. But if it is a page that showcases the other side of a teacher's life (that they are of course entitled to have), then the teacher should be sensible enough to reject any friend requests from pupils.

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Opinion 4 years ago
Ben Sullivan
Ben Sullivan Father & Video Game Producer Burnaby, CA

Yes, it is inappropriate. Children under 13 can't have a Facebook account at all under Facebook's terms of service.

But since it's a given they'll get an account anyway, there are numerous Facebook features designed to handle situations like this. Students can be kept in a teacher's "Student" group and the teach can opt not to post to that group.

As with any other technology, the problems arise in the usage, not the underlying principles of connectivity. For instance, would we have a problem with a teacher setting up a class "Page" and posting homework/answers/events to it for the class?

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Opinion 4 years ago
Anthony Carandang
Anthony Carandang Math Teacher/Dept Chair Houston, US

We use Edmodo at my school. It's facebook for students and educators. Everything posted there is school related.

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Experience 4 years ago

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