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How will augmented reality affect relationships?

4 years ago

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

They’re already being affected by online dating sites and the like, but how will augmented reality – through the likes of the Google Glass – change relationships? Either a lot, or not at all, depending on who you ask (and whether the devices take off).

A discussion on Singularity Hub throws up some interesting possibilities, with regards to the, uh, less likeable sides of human beings: will future iterations of things like the Glass allow people to, say, ‘replace’ their partner with a super model? Or, on a simpler level, will people be able to use such tech to their advantage when it comes to ‘wooing’ prospective partners?

Perhaps further than that even is so we might forsake our actual relationships for using the Glass. It’s already difficult to get the kids to stop texting at the dinner table, how will you stop them from watching YouTube videos through the screen constantly attached to their face?

Worries over augmented reality devices like the Glass have veered between the paranoid and the silly, but these ones seem a lot more…well, realistic. Tech does increasingly affect how we interact with each other – and surely placing a layer of virtual reality over every part of, y’know, actual reality, will herald the next biggest change. When the internet is in their contact lenses, all our kids could be interacting with each other in a way that’s near unrecognisable (or just plain bad mannered) to us.

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Opinion 4 years ago

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