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How to tell my 18 year old son to face problems instead of putting them aside?

Our son goes to an English private school which provides a good education, and its his last year before college. Today he told us that he doesn't want to attend the school anymore, and he had no proper explanation. We spoke to him and assured him if he is facing any problems, we are always by his side and he should make his best effort to solve them. We want him to attend the school. Our concern is that we must maintain our position as parents, without losing our son's confidence.

Seeking Opinion Child Development , How To , Education 3 years ago
Carlos Alberto Hernández Estefan
Carlos Alberto Hernández Estefan

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Prithvi Raj
Prithvi Raj techlover MAS, IN

First of all don't worry about the problem; because your son is almost on end of his teenage. So, it is easy to make him understand your thoughts. First thing let talk to him about the problem he got; if he is not answering don't worry and please don't repeat asking him about that. Tell him the pros of completing his school life and getting a graduation; don't forget to tell him your financial situation and how to afford things and struggles you come around. He should understand in this age about life and the struggle; so make him believe in himself first. You can make him talk if you are able to talk him kindly; because this is the age where teenagers don't want to talk to anybody or hate themselves. So be kind to him and make him believe in himself. Encourage him about each and every little good habits he got after that he will talk you.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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