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How to build a Raspberry Pi tablet?

3 years ago

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK
Raspberry Pis are – I think we can all agree – pretty amazing. Those little boxes can inspire a lifetime of coding or engineering in children but, if we’re honest, they’re kinda far away from most kids’ experience of computers, ie: smarpthones and tablets. The solution? Help them build their very own PiPad.

Punningly named and put together by Michael K Castor, the PiPad runs on the sort of tech the Raspberry Pi sets come bundled with, plus some extras. In fact, it might be nice as a little project after your plucky young electronics whiz has mastered the basic set, and wants the next challenge.

The shell of the thing was designed using CAD – if you’ve a 3D printer in your living room, that might be even better, and Michael even put his designs up for download – and adds, on top of the Raspberry Pi, a battery, wifi adapater, USB input, Bluetooth keyboard and (duh) a touchscreen. And, y’know, all the stuff you expect from a tablet, like an on/off switch, headphone jacks, etc etc.

It’s a big project, sure, but everyone likes a challenge, right? Plus, putting together the PiPad (it’s probably best that you, the grown up, stick around for some of the more…dangerous parts; sawing, soldering, that sort of thing) will really level up your kid’s – let’s say teen’s – skills, confidence, and stop them from nicking your iPad. To be honest, this might be even prettier.
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Opinion 3 years ago

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