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How much technology are schools obligated to teach where you live?

It'd be great to get an understanding of the different approaches around the world. In the UK, 'ICT' is part of the curriculum, but I understand that in the US, educational approaches can vary from state to state?

Seeking Experience Education , Digital Future 4 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Instructor CH
Education expert

I'm really lucky as a teacher cause in my school we don't "teach" tech at all: we "use" it as best as we can. We have a 1:1 program for our students. In some classes, it turns out to be a 2:1 project cause the students have a laptop and a tablet each. Those two devices are pretty different in nature and can do different things. Tech is everywhere today, so it's in my own school. In the district the situation is pretty different since many schools still strive to have fully functional and up-to-date pc labs.

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Fact 4 years ago

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