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How much attention should we pay to film and game classifications?

Seeking Opinion Gaming , Video & Films , Safety & Privacy 4 years ago writer
Parenting + Technology
London, UK

2 experts and 1 parent have answered

Susan Elizabeth Tarrant
Susan Elizabeth Tarrant Hempstead, GB

CLOSE attention - and more awareness should be made of the fact that the age classification is not a true reflection of the conten. You can think the game is OK for your kids but it's based more on its skill difficulty than the appropriateness of its content and that is wrong

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Opinion 4 years ago
expert answer
Rosie Dymond expert
Rosie Dymond Non-Directive Play Therapist Sheffield, GB
Family therapy expert

I think it's important to pay attention to these things.. the BBFC website is amazingly helpful as it spells out why a film is a certain rating and gives clear examples to help us make informed chouces. when it comes to games, the lines become more blurred as it comes down to the way the game is played at times.. parents need to be aware and involved to make sure the kids aren't experiencing images and scenarios that could be psychologically upsetting to them.

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Fact 4 years ago
expert answer
Chris Dymond expert
Chris Dymond Geek dad of two young boys Sheffield, GB

A lot I think. I like what are doing, and I've always been a fan of the BBFC.

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Opinion 4 years ago

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