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How many toys should baby under one have?

As new parent I'd like to know if babies can get overstimulated by too many toys or if they get bored if they always play with the same one.

Seeking Opinion Toys & Gadgets 3 years ago

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Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu fitness fan and mother of two London, GB

Everything and everyone is a toy to a baby under one! That's not to say don't buy a baby any toys, but it's more to say don't think of it in terms of what you can buy at Toys R Us. I found that my babies got overwhelmed when all their toys were out - all those colours and noises - and played most actively and contentedly when they had a few to choose from at any one time, and me or my partner playing with them.

It shouldn't be about money or access to toy shops. Toys are anything that can be fun (and safe) to throw, pull, push, roll, chew... And my youngest's favourite toy of all was our cat - the cat was less impressed.

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Experience 3 years ago

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