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Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon Editor-in-chief of Kent, UK

Some household inventions are so obvious that it seems absurd they were ever NOT available. The bagless vacuum cleaner, the whirligig clothes airer, scented nappy bags... and the Pivot Power (£29.99/$29.99). I admit that on both mine and my husband’s side of the bed, the spaghetti junction of charger cables (Kindles... iPads... phones... two phones, in my husband’s case) looks obscenely messy. But extension cables and loadsa plugs are just a fact of modern living aren’t they? Nope.

When I saw the Pivot Power on a press release from Quirky, the socially-developed product company, it instantly answered a problem I didn’t realise I had.

With families owning an average of 5.7 devices per household, with far more than that in the case of most families, I would wager, we have a lot of plugs jostling for position.

The Pivot Power is an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in every socket (if you need it to), it also flexes around furniture and just looks so much neater and prettier than its predecessors. You can see it in action on the Quirky website. Another nice touch (that cheapy extension cables don’t have) is the pretty lit-up on/off button. It’s the simple things that matter so much!

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Experience 3 years ago
Matthew Day
Matthew Day A geek London, GB

Unclear if there is/isn't a UK version - ah! UK version available (but currently out of stock) at Maplin

£29.99 seems a bit steep for a 5 socket surge protector, though the spacing means ALL are usable despite large plugtop mains adapters - but it costs more than many 10 ways.

How many people have these things on display, they're normally thrown behind something.

PS. I would also recommend The PC Powerdown - I got one for free, another for a friend (£1 at a charity shop), and they are excellent value on sale at £4

With the PC (Desktop/Tower/Multimedia - must be directly mains powered, not charged) plugged into the main, two other devices (more if you use an extension) can be powered up automatically with the PC - stops that annoying monitor standby light, and I also power down the speakers with it.

PS. I do not recommend running a printer via powerdown, as it could cut power with inkjet heads unparked, or a modem, since excessive power cycling of a modem can cause the line to be counted as poor quality and the speed dropped.

PPS. Today (26/713) saw a 10 way vertical standing surge protector in Aldi, for £9.99

Even with the bulkiest adapters, you'd get 3 on each side, though it would be rather top-heavy!

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Opinion 3 years ago

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