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How do you teach and assess creativity in your classroom?

It is believed that creativity is the crucial 21st century skill. For kids to stay abreast of the times, we parents and educators should build and nature creativity in them.

Seeking Experience Education , Child Development , How To 2 years ago
Margarita Finkel
Margarita Finkel
London, GB

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Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Mentor CH
Education expert

It's difficult also because classroom lessons are rarely geared towards creativity. If you might change the way students are given room for self-expression, creativity would arise almost immediately.

From my own experience, I try to give my students the chance:

  • to express innovative ideas

  • to design projects according to those ideas

  • to create objects around those ideas

  • to discuss those objects and projects with their peers

  • to refine anything of the above to improve the overall outcome

I'd also suggest these good observations from experts in the field, especially the one from prof. L. Darling-Hammond whose views about educational reforms are widely known and appreciated:

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Experience 2 years ago
Margarita Finkel
Margarita Finkel London, GB

Thank you Roberto, I always find your answers very interesting, useful and inspiring!

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Opinion 2 years ago

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