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How do you explain serious, life threatening diseases to children?

Ii volunteered for about a year in an oncology hospital for children and I was impressed about the way very young kids can cope with such a serious illness like Cancer. They were simply amazing in their daily routine, tackling enormous problems with courage and perseverance.

Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto
Teacher, Club Instructor

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Slowly, gently and honestly. We lost our brother in law a couple of years ago this November. He had two young children. He was ill for over a year, there were ups, downs, complications, scary ambulances in the middle of the night, and eventually palliative care. The kids handled it better than the adults, often.

That's not the same as them being the ill ones, but children can handle a lot of it's put in simple, truthful terms and not, not ever, wrapped up in fairytale nonsense, promises that are broken ("he'll definitely get better") or denial.

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