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How do we improve our use of technology to enhance learning?

Studies show that nearly 50 percent of teachers use digital games in class. Educators are currently redesigning classroom experiences by integrating video games that help the next generation of student to strive for success. But how digital game based learning can improve students' academic achievement? Do parents agree with integrating technology to boost children' motivation?

Seeking Opinion Child Development 3 years ago
Laura Celada admin
Laura Celada’s Editorial intern
London, GB

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John Martin
John Martin

For this issue of the coaching Forum, each of whom is utilizing innovation to improve their understudies' learning. I think now and then graduate understudies, Custom Assignment or conceivably even college understudies, run in with the outlook that this educator doesn't generally care at all about instructing.

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Experience 1 month ago
Arabella Millie
Arabella Millie

In this issue of the instructing Forum, each of whom is using advancement to enhance their understudies' learning. I think every so often graduate understudies, Ez Assignment help online or possibly even school understudies, keep running in with the standpoint that this teacher doesn't for the most part think at all about training.

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Experience 3 weeks ago
expert answer
James Brodie expert
James Brodie Test Director Birmingham, GB
Technologist expert

This is an area I have had some great experience in. First of all my father was a head teacher and was one of the early pioneers in Birmingham for integrating technology in to the classroom and I personally worked on a number of game concepts to promote numeracy in the classroom. One of the great early divides in the classroom is between boys and girls. Without painting broad strokes, there is a noticeable difference in the attention span of girls and boys in early years. Boys can become easily bored and often need a greater level of stimulus, that's not at all to say that girls don't need the same. In early years games can be very simplistic and still be very engaging. Basic interaction on Ipads and laptops is a great starting point. There are now educational portals setup so that school can subscribe to which will give them access to interactive tools. Getting children to connect to a subject is often related to how a subject is taught, so giving them something they can interact with will promote learning. I remember using SimCity to show the development of cities in Geography. Using games like Minecraft will promote a child's creative skills. Playing adventure games encourages people to read as they want to understand the story.

It may be a stretch to say that playing Call of Duty would help you pass GCSE maths, however what it can do is give you the tools especially in early years to create the positive framework from which children can develop their skills. Virtual Reality is another tool which has huge educational application, but time will tell to see whether that is a flash in the pan.

Whether we like it or not, technology is not part of our children's biosphere and they will need to be able to use to make sure they aren't left behind, but it takes a parents guiding hand to ensure that children get the best out of there technology.

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Experience 1 week ago

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