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How do I encourage my 6 year old to play piano?

She is very reluctant to even try any musical instrument. I want her to give it a proper try before she knows this is not for her. Should I try bribing her? Are there any apps that can motivate her to play?

Seeking Experience Child Development , How To , Apps 4 years ago

2 experts and 1 parent have answered

expert answer
 Marta Mozes expert
Marta Mozes Music Community Manager IL
Software/app development expert

Hi! I have the perfect iPad app to encourage your 6 year old daughter to begin playing piano. It is called Piano Dust Buster, it's free to download (you can find it in the App Store) and it is an introductory piano app game that you use with your actual piano! All she has to do is place the iPad on the piano and start playing, no wires or adapters required! Songs range from classical to pop hits-your daughter will soon be engaged with the piano all while having fun!

ALSO our new piano app has just been released! To download the app (for free!) simply click here:

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Fact 4 years ago
expert answer
Laura Fobler expert
Laura Fobler Parent-Child Communic. Expert NL
Psychiatry/psychology expert

I can totally understand that you want your child to try things before she rejects it, after all, this is a valuable thing to learn! At the same time, I'd like to urge you to research your own motives for encouraging her. Are your motives based on your own needs? Did you find comfort in playing an instrument when you were a child? Could the same be true for your child? Or do you have another reason (need) to encourage her? Remember: what is valuable to you may not be valuable at all to another person, your child included! Apparently, your child is not (yet) attracted to any musical instrument. I suggest you try again a year from now, and not use any bribery, as this will most likely NOT evoke intrinsic motivation. Chances are that she will start resenting you for bribing her. Also, think of another way to teach your child the lesson to try things before she rejects them, there is so much more in life besides music! If you want to share your own (positive) experiences playing an instrument, please tell your child about your own experience and how it (positively) influenced you instead of giving a lecture on this topic. This way, your child may (or may not) become interested in trying an instrument!

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Opinion 4 years ago
Edie Former teacher Durham, US

First, I absolutely agree with Laura. Secondly, learning to play the piano on anything but an actual piano is not good. The technique to hit the keys is totally different and the child would learn bad habits that would have to be undone. So, unless you have a piano in the home, I would look for some other instrument that might interest her more.

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Experience 3 years ago

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