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How do home educators use technology?

4 years ago

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Tania Sullivan writer
Tania Sullivan HomeEd mum of 12, writer, Kent, UK

With the wealth of information on the internet – as well as advice and learning schemes right at your fingertips – home education is easier than ever with the help of technology. For the last six years, it’s made home education possible for our family.

It had never seemed like an option for us. Who would’ve thought that me, the exceptional educational failure who bypassed university to start a family, would take on responsibility for her own children’s education? If my lack of confidence didn’t let us down would my lack of knowledge? Turns out neither was a problem.

We generally follow a curriculum, but the internet has also taken us away from conventional textbook learning associated with schools.

There are online ‘schools’ or lessons available for older children to enrol on to giving them the opportunity to take exams such as IGCSEs or A-levels, something our daughter Caitlin will be trying out this year.

With software like Rosetta Stone we can teach languages. Non-specialised websites and software can be harnessed too: YouTube provides step-by-step experiments and tutorials covering any subject you could wish to learn; blogs and websites contain an array of knowledge and information with several specialising in certain subjects, sometimes offering free downloads or software.

Real-time webcams at locations all around the world bring geography to life. We are currently organising a two month trip around France and Italy and Google Earth is already proving itself indispensable in our planning.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. As technology is constantly changing and improving there is no doubt that technology will prove itself increasingly fundamental to the way our children learn and to the home educating community as a whole.

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Experience 4 years ago
expert answer
Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Instructor CH
Education expert

I met some home educating parent and was amazed about their skills and fluency in tech-related topics. Most importantly, they can connect technology to skills and problems of the children way better than an "official" teacher could. Because no one knows their children better.

Virtual schools will increasingly be widespread and a home educator will have to choose from a richer variety of possibilities than ever before.

Take a look at:

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Opinion 4 years ago
Ross Mountney
Ross Mountney writer, home educator Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

For lots of true life stories on how successful home education is and links to families home educating right now do visit my website where I write about it, offering guidance and support, after home educating our two children.

Our home educating family life was such an uplifting and inspirational way to raise children without some of the unpleasant or political sides of schooling. And it made us sort out what education truly was!

I'm always keen to raise awareness and dispel some of the misconceptions people have about this very doable option for your child's learning so do visit and leave a comment or question.

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Experience 3 years ago

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