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How can we print birthday presents?

4 years ago

4 parents have answered

Lucy Jolin writer
Lucy Jolin Journalist and copywriter GB

We can easily print birthday presents. In fact, gifts via 3D printers are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s really rather cool.

How 3D printing works is quite simple: you design something on your computer - using 3D software such as CAD (computer aided design) - and send that design to a 3D printer, which then create your design for real. It starts by drawing a cross-section of the item, then another, then another, creating very thin layers on top of each other. These build up until the model is complete. It’s a bit like Tron.

Whilst part of the appeal is to budding inventors it’s also being used by people who want unique models of, say, their favourite manga or comic book characters.

‘No two jobs are the same,’ says Nick Allen of 3DPrintUK. ‘I’m being asked to do more hobbyist and consumer items every day – and quite a few birthday presents.’

Of course, there are limitations. The machines aren’t yet big enough to ‘print’ large items – so you can’t print out your own walk-in wardrobe just yet. It’s also not cheap to mass-produce items using 3D printing.

‘But costs are coming down, and we’re soon going to see a big shift towards mass customisation,’ says Nick. ‘For example, there’s a company called Shapeways which has a shop where, via music sharing site Soundcloud, you can create and order a unique iPhone case printed with the soundwaves of your favourite song on it. That’s done with a 3D printer.’

See, I told you it was cool.

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Fact 4 years ago
Kristin Bennett McNeely
Kristin Bennett McNeely Techie Designer Mom Seattle, Washington

Well...not as exciting as 3d presents but I find that personalizing cards that get sent automatically along with an amazon e-giftcard to their email works pretty well... I use Send Out Cards for the cards part. I love the birthday reminders and being able to not worry about things like stamps and finding addresses.

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Experience 3 years ago
Scott Collen admin
Scott Collen Social and Community Geek London, GB

Vouchers - the refuge of the 'bad present buyers' (people like me)

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Opinion 3 years ago
Derek Winnie
Derek Winnie Meet me Lexington, US

Worried about printing present cards just take help from various online sites!! My wife got a birthday party invitation from one of her friend last week. She decided to buy some unique gift but was bit confused with various options. She then opt a plastic gift card from Plascards that appears beautiful and remain unique. It was such an eye catchy gift, beautifully carved and designed with the name and love logo. You can also try for some more creative idea for getting plastic printed cards. Its durability and lasting impression increases its value much more that what we actually spend.

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Opinion 4 months ago

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