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How can we inspire teenagers to stop concentrating on things which may harm them?

Nowadays, teens are really not concentrating in studies and in their duties.... What can we do to improve and stop it?

Seeking Fact Child Behaviour 3 years ago
Prince Samy A
Prince Samy A
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton I work in a school Torquay, GB

A while back I read an article on the bbc website about young people using tech skills to hack in to friends accounts, my response on Linkedin as I posted a link to the article was to encourage young people to engage more positive activities such as programming but do so in a way that encourages and rewards helping others or creating something useful, there are lots of competitions out there or projects to get involved with.

Something similar came up in a behaviour management course, say "thank you for walking" rather than Don't run. It focuses on the outcome you want.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Adam Clark expert
Adam Clark Father of 5, Technology Expert San Luis Obispo, US
Technology expert

Replace it with something positive that they are interested in. They only have so much time. If the reward for the time is less than something else, they will drop it. Help them find a reward for their time that THEY recognize as better.

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Experience 3 years ago

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