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How can we help our two-year-old learn to talk?

I know that learning to talk takes a long time. I've read that children won't be able to form two or three-word sentences until they are well into their second year, or even later. But how can parents help the process from day one? Are there any E-Books or toys to encourage babies to make noises and gestures to communicate with people?

Seeking Opinion Toys & Gadgets , How To , Health & Wellbeing 3 years ago

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Bob Zenhausern expert
Bob Zenhausern CEO Enabling Support Foundation New York, US
Education expert

Teach your baby to read. Whatever you do with speech add text. They will understand the meaning of the printed word before they can speak the word. Use reading to encourage speaking. Take a look at the videos on

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Fact 3 years ago
expert answer
Janet Dudley expert
Janet Dudley Social Cognitive Specialist/SLP San Diego, US
Learning difficulties and disabilities expert

Typically developing children are using two to three word sentences by the age of two. A great way to facilitate a child's ability to communicate is using sign language. There are numerous "baby sign" books and programs available or you could certainly look up basic signs online. Some common signs are "more", "no", "yes", "sit", "eat", "drink". Learning basic signs will not hinder your baby's language development and can alleviate a lot of frustration. I always remember when my friend's baby first signed "more" was exciting for both baby and parent!

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Experience 3 years ago

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