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How can we focus on tech and still support creativity?

How do we bridge the gap between art and science?

Seeking Opinion Child Development , Life Hacking , How To 4 years ago
Chanda Gohrani admin
Chanda Gohrani
Social media manager of
London, GB

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Jim Brazell expert
Jim Brazell Speaker, Technology Forecaster US

The two ideas are not mutually exclusive in fact, the word technology is derived from techne meaning art or craft. We are the technology, not the gadgets.

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Instructor CH
Education expert

This is one among many many examples:

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Chris Dymond expert
Chris Dymond Geek dad of two young boys Sheffield, GB

I'm not sure if we should go back to CP Snow's "two cultures" argument to address this, or just say simply that the dichotomy between the two is a canard. It doesn't really exist. Creativity abounds in the world of technology, just as technology abounds in the world of art. There are millions of ways of using technology to be creative, and of applying technology in creative ways.

With regard to finding ways for kids to use technology in creative ways, my wife and I write an occasional blog about just that subject at

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Jill Hodges expert
Jill Hodges Founder of Fire Tech Camp London, GB
Education expert

Give kids tech tools to create! There are great platforms for teaching video game design, app development, robotic coding, etc and kids are chomping at the bit to get creative with technology. In our tech camps we see kids creating amazing graphics, games, hardware every week. They're so keen to get some tools and be let off the leash!

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Experience 4 years ago

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