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Laura Celada admin
Laura Celada’s Editorial intern
London, GB

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Ellie Hirsch expert
Ellie Hirsch Parenting Coach Tampa, US
Parenting skills expert

As the mother of three little boys, getting my children to exercise is easy. We play outside in the yard whenever we have free time. Even though as you said it's hard to find the time to exercise with your kids, I still think it's important to go old school, leave technology behind, get some fresh air and head outside. If weather is an issue or if you live in an apt, the park is always a great idea as well as your local YMCA. We love to make up games outside that encourages them to run around. For example, I make up an obstacle course outside with fun challenges, like hopping on one foot while saying the alphabet, creating a track with cones they have to bicycle around, etc. Kids have so much energy-trust me, my boys have taught me that!

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Experience 3 years ago
expert answer
Leigh Parlor expert
Leigh Parlor Literacy Consultant AU
Education expert

Being active yourself can be a great way to motivate your child. Showing your child how to be active and how enjoyable it is can be more powerful than just telling them. This doesn't need to be hard - just do something active every day. In our house, my daughter sees her Dad get on his bike to ride to work. She then gets on her bike to zoom around on. When we need something from the shop we both walk there. When we want to kick the ball around we go to the park. We also set up relays and treasure hunts to up the excitement. All of these everyday things show her that we value exercise and an active lifestyle. You might be surprised by how motivated you child becomes about exercise just by following your lead. Sometimes it can just be a case of 'monkey see, monkey do' - but for kids!

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Opinion 3 years ago
Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu fitness fan and mother of two London, GB

By setting a good example yourself (very important) and by encouraging them every time they make a move to be more active. I truly believe there is a sport or activity for everyone out there, sometimes it just takes a while to work out what that is. As parents, we can guide them and encourage them as they explore the options.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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