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How can I help my youngest (5) feel less nervous about moving up a class?

Going from reception to year one and very nervous. Any advice? Also, any nice stories (e-books or 'real') that you can recommend?

Seeking Experience E-books , Child Behaviour , Education 3 years ago
Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu
fitness fan and mother of two
London, GB

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Lorraine Allman expert
Lorraine Allman Author, Businesswoman, Mum GB
Careers expert

Hi Frankie, I wonder given you asked this question a couple of weeks ago now, how your youngest has got on going back to school and moving up a class? I hope they're settling in okay but in case they're finding it a little difficult I thought I'd just pop by with a couple of suggestions...

There is no doubt that the shift from reception to Year One can feel a little overwhelming for some children and there are quite a few changes for them to deal with. I wonder whether the school had any 'transitional' days at all where all the children move up into their new classes for a day or so? Certainly that happens at my son's school and the children get an idea of the new classroom, how things are going to work etc. If they have done this and he/she is still nervous, have a chat with the teachers and see if they can spend a little time with them maybe at break times going in to the new class, encouraging them to ask questions and find out in more detail what they're feeling anxious about. For some it could be straightforward things like where will my coat hook be? or will there be 'planning' time? For others it could be more complex about issues such as what is expected of them now they're in Year 1 and why can't I play so much?.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to encourage your child to talk about their anxieties and re-assure them as much as possible. My own son had anxieties about the transition and I had a meeting with the new teacher to get as much information as I could about the sort of work they would be doing, so I was then much better informed to be able to help him.

I don't know of any books specifically on this subject (there are quite a few to help parents help their child when starting school) but there is a really good document produced by NFER which looks specifically at how to make a successful transition from Reception to Year 1 so that's well worth a read

Hope some of that helps. Do let us know how they're getting on.

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