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How can I help my kid to stop the habbit of thumb sucking?

He is 5 years old

Sana khan
Sana khan
House wife
Abu Dhabi, AE

3 parents have answered

Amit Khiatani
Amit Khiatani CEO trading Shanghai, CN

We apply a little vinegar on the thumb before the child sleeps

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Experience 3 years ago
Simon Munk writer
Simon Munk Consumer tech journalist, mountain biker, dad of two. Walthamstow

We simply explained to our eldest kid that after their first milk tooth fell out, then if they continued sucking their thumb it would affect their new teeth - making them wonky. We told them this several times in the run-up to their first tooth going - as friends had their firsts etc. They stopped very quickly, about a week after they realised their first tooth was slightly wobbly. Starting to do the same with our second child - he's more headstrong, so we may need to do something else as well.

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Experience 3 years ago
Naser Etemi
Naser Etemi MK

Lemon on the thumb before the child slee !

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Experience 3 years ago

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