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Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Adam Clark expert
Adam Clark Father of 5, Technology Expert San Luis Obispo, US
Technology expert

Make a deal with him. If he goes and tries it out for a month or something then you'll provide some reward. I am totally ok with rewarding effort and trying things. I don't want to reward performance, because outcomes are not what's as important for me. Make it something he really wants and he'll give it a try. If he likes it, then great. If he tries it and doesn't legitimately like it, then I wouldn't worry about it. Let him discover and do it his way. I think you're right - he'll probably love it. Good luck!

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Opinion 3 years ago
Kerry-Leigh Staegemann
Kerry-Leigh Staegemann Organised, Bubbly, PA Londen, GB

I had a similar issue with my step son...we wanted him to carry at least one music skill with him through life so we tried piano and he was not keen or guitar neither however, after showing him some videos of guitarists getting their groove on he went for it. I think showing him the benefits in a fun way worked for us and it may work for you. That's just a suggestion ofcourse :)

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Experience 3 years ago
Scott MacKintosh
Scott MacKintosh Online Community Manager Royal Leamington Spa, GB

It depends what level Code Club are teaching at really, if he's already familiar with Game Maker then the initial classes of Scratch are going to be a step back for him and he'll likely find them a bit boring. He may have more fun with the later classes that introduce them to Python, but that's quite a lot of programming rather than design.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Sam Milsom
Sam Milsom Code Club Volunteer Support London, GB

You could always register to run a Code Club as a home school, and help him to learn at home? This is a new feature we've recently launched.

However, part of the fun of Code Club IS working through the projects with friends and classmates! But if he's really reluctant then it might be a way in for him.

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Opinion 3 years ago
expert answer
Lorraine Allman expert
Lorraine Allman Author, Businesswoman, Mum GB
Careers expert

I can see this question was asked some time ago so it would be interesting to know the outcome as to whether you got your son to Code Club or not? I'm curious as to why he is reluctant to go and if he still hasn't would say it is worth spending a bit of time talking with him about why he's not keen. Given his enthusiasm and talent for making games it seems a natural thing to do, so I wonder what is holding him back? I appreciate you mention that he's shy, but I wonder if perhaps he's worried that people there might be 'better' than him, or indeed as others have said that he might be bored. Just see if you can get to the bottom of his reluctance and reassure him - he'll never know what he's missing until he gives it a try and if he really doesn't like it then he doesn't have to stay. If he can articulate what he liked/didn't like about the club then you can start looking for alternatives which better meet his needs. Kids don't come in one size (thank goodness) so there will be a club that's right for him I'm sure. Good luck.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton I work in a school Torquay, GB

See if you can find other young people who also use the software via the user community,

Maybe see if you can reach out to other users via schools and say you are looking for other users who may want to meet up, if you do that via schools then you know you will get in touch with other young people,

the benefits of having others just look at the code can be really good.

If there is interest perhaps a school can develop the idea further.

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Opinion 3 years ago
Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis Dad of 5 and kids app developer FI

Have you tried "Hakitzu" - if you have an iPad - it makes a real game out of javascript coding.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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