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Google Now: Will our kids be able to do anything without tech?

4 years ago

2 experts and 3 parents have answered

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

With its launch on iPhones - it’s been available on Android for a while – basically anyone with a smartphone can make use of the soothsaying Google Now. If it catches on, we might never need think for ourselves again!

The big ‘thing’ of Google Now is that it searches for things ‘before you even think of them’. Which is a fancy, magical way of saying it syncs your calendar, email, and other stuff with things like maps, the weather and traffic reports. So, say you’ve got an appointment to meet a friend one afternoon – Google will see this, and advise you on the best route, and whether you need to leave early due to jams. And whether you need to take an umbrella.

Which is pretty neat, right? And of course, like Apple’s Siri, you can ask it questions – through typing or by talking to it – which it’ll answer through online searches. It can basically do everything except make toast, although I’m sure they’re working on that.

Thing is, how far will all this go? Will it get to the point where the next generation of smartphone – or Glass – users will be so used to finding everything out from their phone, and being told everything by their phone, they won’t need to remember anything ever again.

It’s already happening. Have you noticed your spelling is getting worse offline because you rely on autocorrect on your phone? How many phone numbers do you know offhand? How many pen-and-paper to-do lists do you make (and keep to)?

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Opinion 4 years ago
expert answer
Dr. L. Robert Furman expert
Dr. L. Robert Furman Principal South Park Township, US
Education expert

The question is not " will the kids be able to do anything..." the question is why would they do anything without technology". Technology is here to stay folks. Our children will not need to do anything without technology because they won't have to. Do you still drive a horse and buggy to work.. no.. because we have cars. Do you still write with the quill and ink... no because we have pencils and pens. Times have changed. We need to accept that and get on board.

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Opinion 4 years ago
Nicolas Heaton
Nicolas Heaton Hairdresser father of four. Melbourne

Not so worried about the kids I find that its turning into a part of my routine...

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Opinion 4 years ago
expert answer
Andrew Weekes expert
Andrew Weekes Techy engineer, father of two. Sevenoaks, GB
Technology expert

I love Google now, it's both a little bit scary big brother and efficient personal assistant in one.

Getting a reminder that a particular school day is the one my son needs to take his trumpet, violin or swimming kit in is great; he rarely forgets, but I'm hopeless at such things!.

Only last week I bought a bargain online and needed to collect from a store that wasn't local to me. After I completed the purchase I looked up the location of the store on Google maps on my work PC.

When I left work my phone was telling me how long it would take to get there, and a single button press fired up the navigation app and I was on my way.

That's how technology is meant to work, in my view, and I see no reason to do without it, as Robert states above.

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Experience 4 years ago
Steve Calhoun
Steve Calhoun Father App Builder Sonoma, US

I agree with Dr. Furman. Technology is here to stay and it takes time out of many of the menial tasks that use to take so long. Do you remember giving someone directions to your home on the telephone? That was time consuming and painful. Text messages are fantastic! Technology has taken away the need to wait for the painful VM greeting, and then the follow up that says "Push ⋆ if you want to send a fax or push 2 to re-record your message". Text messages makes simple communication just that simple. Technology makes our life more simple so that we can spend more time on the areas that really require our attention, like our family, education and fitness.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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