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Do you know anyone who still uses dial up?

Last week BT turned off its dial up internet service. Do you know anyone who still uses dial up? Do kids know what it is?

Seeking Experience Digital Future , Web 3 years ago
Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer
Derby, UK

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Matthew Day
Matthew Day A geek London, GB Don't know anyone that uses dialup (one light user has a mobile dongle) - and actually, I have used dialup on the odd occasion when BB was down, and I was desperate to enter my days orders in some game .

I'm such an anorak, I can tell you that dialup sound is a 56k, the extra brrZAP at the end is the 56k syncup. And yes, I could tell just by the sound, whether I had picked up a 56k mode (anything over 33.6) connection - and I ran my 56k at 230k serial speed to make the most of modem compression. And for real nerds, an example handshake negotiation. Quite literally, each side offers various capabilities and picks the best match.

Reminiscing on the good old days, the the supreme performance of a true hardware rockwell chipset ISA bus modem (picked up from a computer fair for £5 in K56flex trim, and then firmware updated to V90), the awesome PCI Cirrus HaM that superseded it in the next machine, to the march of the less desirable Softmodems like the Motorola SM56, the LSI / Agere softmodem in my soon to be retired machine, and the rather lacklustre Rockwell HSF

While full hardware PCI modems are rare, the better ones tend to be of the type called Controllerless (or the Cirrus "Host assisted Modem"), where the PC CPU handles protocol / compression etc. but the hardware handles the modulation - they use a lot less CPU than the completely software ones.

A friend also had ISDN - is that still used much in the days of broadband? They eventually dropped that for broadband.

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Richard Taylor expert
Richard Taylor Father of 4 boys & IT Consultant Bushmills, GB
Technology expert

Here in Northern Ireland there are still hundreds of people in the countryside who cannot get broadband or any kind of mobile coverage, let alone 3G.

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