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Do sports games make kids healthier?

4 years ago

2 parents have answered

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

We couldn't really make up our mind about 'exergames' – y'know, stuff like Dance Dance Revolution where you actually move to play. But that's before every console forced you to Kinect and Move and err need a Wii, or something. And before a new study made a compelling case about how good sports games can be for you.

I spent a great deal of my childhood avoiding exercise in favour of sitting in front of my PlayStation – my thumbs got really strong, at least – but video games have changed a lot since then, with motion controls and all that. It turns out they could be a decent alternative form of exercise for kids. So there, Mum!

Apparently, 'high intensity' exergaming has pretty much the same effect as 'high intensity' exercise of the traditional variety – like a good run on the treadmill. Stuff like, I don't know, Wii bowling even has the same effect as some lesser activities – like, strolling on a treadmill, I suppose.

'Higher intensity exergaming may be a good form of activity for children to use to gain long-term and sustained health benefits,' explains researcher Louise Naylor. And she's an expert, so trust her: some video games are gonna make your kids healthy. I’m sure they'll be more willing to exercise that way than on a bike in front of a chalkboard, anyway...

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Fact 4 years ago
Paul Sutton
Paul Sutton I work in a school Torquay, GB

Hmm, I am involved with rugby, give kids a big muddy puddle and they will go and dive in it, like wise the big kids (these are senior first team players) also like diving in mud,

You can't do that with computer games, but to answer the question

I think however that sport clubs are more than just exercise, they are social, you get new group of friends, away from your normal peers, learn teamwork , self esteem, confidence maybe you are not good at school academically your coaches judge you on sporting ability , success on the field can lead to confidence that can make you better academically if your school can pick up on that)

Swimming for example is a life skill, no good being really good at an online olympic swimming game if you can't swim, as if you fall in to water and drown you need to be able to swim in the real world.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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