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Do horror movies leave a lasting impression?

Casting my mind back, I can still get creeped out if I think about Michael from Hallowe'en, Freddy, Pennywise the clown or especially The Candy Man, but I really have to try to remember...

Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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HerMelness Speaks expert
HerMelness Speaks Parent blogger/student mentor GB
Parenting expert expert

I remember horror movies that were really graphic did not leave a lasting impression and, perhaps, even made me laugh on occasion. However, the psychological horror, or those where your imagination was the star, did have the ability to scare me more.

The Exorcist creeped me out for days!

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Experience 4 years ago
expert answer
Lucy Tobias expert
Lucy Tobias Community Management at 23snaps London, GB
E-safety expert

I remember insisting that all the lights be left on during the night for about 3 months after I watched Scream as a t(w)eenager (yes I was a wuss!). Even now, I will creep myself out if I'm alone after watching a horror movie. However I know of kids and adults alike that watch scary films, and can simply remind themselves at the end that it was just a film and that the people involved are actors.

I agree with HerMelness that it's when your imagination gets too involved that you can get really creeped out, and that all comes down to the individual. But yes, if your absolutely terrified at the time, I think it can definitely leave a lasting impression!

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Experience 3 years ago
Kris Trevino Irvin
Kris Trevino Irvin Mom and full time student Draper, US

I don't watch horror movies any more. I think that everything we see, read, hear or watch is engrained in our memories and there's just stuff out there I don't WANT in my memory. I absolutely remember some terrifying horror movies I saw as a kid and the memory of being that terrified is not pleasant.

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Opinion 3 years ago

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