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Did you watch the BBC in 3D?

The BBC have announced they're abandoning their 3D TV initiative after the Doctor Who special later this year. Did your living room ever experience any of their 3D programming?

Seeking Experience Video & Films , Digital Future 3 years ago
Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer
Derby, UK

3 parents have answered

Frankie Columbu
Frankie Columbu fitness fan and mother of two London, GB

I didn't. In fact, I'd forgotten about it until I heard it was stopping.

There's something about 3D that just bores me. Maybe because I'm old enough to remember the first rounds of it, with the cardboard glasses and Michael Jackson videos.

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Experience 3 years ago
m. hamed
m. hamed logari Kabul, AF

_Answer deleted by moderator. _

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Opinion 3 years ago
Kristin Bennett McNeely
Kristin Bennett McNeely Techie Designer Mom Seattle, Washington

Never watched it though I'd love to!! We LOVE Doctor Who... we just watch what's on Netflix though.

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Experience 3 years ago

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