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Can you hear the printed word?

Most people have no problem saying the printed word, how many can hear the printed word. I have asked this question to about 100 people and about half say they can hear it. I cannot, but then I do not have visual imagery either. One possible application might be for dyslexics. We know they have an issue.with saying the printed word, but can they hear it? Might that be a way toward literacy? In a similar vein, do teachers ask dyslexic children if they know what the word means? Or do they ask for the child to say the word to show understanding. There can be understanding without speech. In a related issue, about half the people who read music can hear the notes.

Seeking Experience Child Development , Child Behaviour , Education 3 years ago
Bob Zenhausern expert
Bob Zenhausern
CEO Enabling Support Foundation
New York, US

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Sophie Exintaris
Sophie Exintaris Web geek and bookworm London, GB

When I read a book, I tend to see images in my mind. It's like watching a movie rather than seeing characters on a page.

Similarly, if I read more slowly, yes, it's like someone is reading out the words to me. So sometimes, if I do not know how to pronounce something, I may make a fool of myself the first time I say it out loud (I still have trouble with "gauge" in British English). But I nearly always know the meaning of words I may not know how to pronounce adequately.

So I'm not sure if sound/pronunciation and meaning/understanding could be linked. In my case, they do not seem to be.

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Experience 3 years ago

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