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Can you gamify chores?

3 years ago

Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

It's mainly talked about with education – make it into a game, and kids will love it! – but why stop there? Why not bring it all back home, too?

Chore Wars is one of those ideas that's some simple and smart that you can't believe no-one did it before. It turns the stuff kids do to earn their pocket money into an RPG, with each member of the house given a character who earns experience by doing their day-to-day household tasks.

Gold coins for sorting out the recycling? Level up by doing the dishes? It would definitely have worked on me, but then, I was a pretty dorky kid; if your child is a little less enamoured with Final Fantasy, it might not be quite so effective. Plus, as Penny Arcade points out, it could be as susceptible to manipulation and cheating as gamified learning.

Not only that but, as this PopSci article points out, updating the Chore Wars page can be as time-consuming as the actual chores take. I still think it's a fun idea, and could definitely work for some families. Like, in between showings of Lord of the Rings.

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