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Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Roberto Catanuto expert
Roberto Catanuto Teacher, Club Instructor CH
Education expert

Honestly, most children get stuck in front of the screen when they play for hours. But there can be technology that helps children be a little more active.

For example, tablets may have an accelerometer inside and children should move quite smartly to achieve some goals on their games.

Or tablets/phone may be used with their GPS connectivity for going around, running or cycling and mapping streets or country trails. These can be reported on Maps over the web. So, fun+sport+education+technology.

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Opinion 4 years ago
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Chris Dymond expert
Chris Dymond Geek dad of two young boys Sheffield, GB

We haven't really needed to as our kids are still so little that it hasn't been an issue. I will say though that showing them Martyn Ashton's 'Road Bike Party' video on YouTube has meant that we're now out with them on their bikes pretty much every day....

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Opinion 4 years ago
Francesco admin
Francesco Founder @ London, GB

Club Penguin has come up with a crafty idea to encourage children to be more physically active. In partnership with Geo Paltz (an interactive gaming and reward platform for families and kids) is developing a wearable activity tracker (Club Penguin Ibitz) that converts children physical activity into Club Penguins virtual coins and exclusive content. Considering that Disney's Club Penguin is one of the largest children's virtual worlds, they may actually succeed in getting children off the screens for some good old fashion outdoor playing :)

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Opinion 3 years ago
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Richard Taylor expert
Richard Taylor Father of 4 boys & IT Consultant Bushmills, GB
Technology expert

I have never come across any technology that can compete with chucking the kids outside and letting them play in the garden (or doing outdoor activities).

In our house we basically spend the winter months inside doing the more tech things (iPads and Computer Games) and watching TV / Movies / Playing on the Wii (particularly after school and after dinner every day) and in the summer months we insist on all being outside (adults included).

There is so much to do outside with even a small amount of imagination, even if it is not playing football, basketball, tennis, going on bicycles, mini-scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, on the tree-house, castle, pirate ship.... there is always things like building a wooden castle, a pirate ship etc, or practical things like putting some new gravel down the side of the drive-way, brushing the concrete or doing some gardening which soon gets the heart racing and keeps us all fit and healthy.

The only possible technology I see that can help with keeping our kids physically active is the clock that they can see through the kitchen window as they are outside with the door locked to stop them going in/out/in/out all the time.

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Experience 3 years ago

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