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Tom Baker writer
Tom Baker Staff Writer Derby, UK

We'll all be wearing them sooner or later, in a future that resembles Geordi La Forge even more than I could have ever dared to dream. But the Google Glass is still a computer, of sorts, so guess what? It can, will be, and has been hacked!

What's kinda fun is that the way the Glass gets hacked is as innovative as the gadget itself. What's less fun is that it kinda reaffirms all those worries about privacy you had when it was announced (how's that bar doing, by the way?)

Apparently scanning a 'malicious' QR code is all a hacker needs to get into your Google Glass (they could also exploit the security bug in the Android software directly), since the head-mounted camera scans every code it comes across to maintain wifi or bluetooth connections.

What's scary is that whilst a hacked computer means personal info can be stolen, a hacked Glass is even more than that: presumably attackers would be able to see everything you see, though the camera, as long as you've got the specs on.

Google have fixed this particular problem, but Marc Rogers – the security boffin who found it – thinks it might be the first of many: 'Both the vulnerablity, and the way it was delivered, are unique to Glass - a consequence of it being connected.

'I don't think anyone's hacked a device with an image before.'

(Pic: Giuseppe Costantino via Flickr)

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