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Can an app help me to get pregnant?

4 years ago

Joanne Mallon writer
Joanne Mallon Author, parent, blogger Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK

Whilst the basic biology of egg meets sperm hasn’t changed, there are many ways that technology can give us a helping hand when it comes to getting pregnant. Even if you had your first child (or children) fairly recently, the proliferation of procreation help has swelled in recent years.

So what can a pregnancy app do, and why should you consider using one?

Currently there are multiple apps designed to track your fertility. The good thing about using an app like this is that it’s private – you could be checking your emails, when in fact you’re checking your ovulation dates. Many of these fertility apps contain large volumes of expert advice, so you don’t need to lug round a book. And it’s all easily accessible, since you’ll probably have your phone with you all the time. Plus once you’ve tracked your fertility enough to establish that you’re hot to trot, you can then call your partner and share the good news.

Current fertility apps worth checking out include:

  • Ovuview (Android), a free app which will track a range of fertility signs and help you to predict your most fertile days.
  • Pink Pad Pro (£1.49) (Android/iOS) tracks your menstrual cycle, and is designed to integrate with a community so you can get some virtual support by connecting with women all around the world who are also trying to get pregnant.
  • Bio Clock (iOS)– a free way to calculate your chances of getting pregnant at any age (though do also discuss this with your doctor)
  • Boost Fertility (iOS, 0.69p) – contains dietary and lifestyle advice on how to improve your chances of conceiving.

And if you’re successful, a whole host of apps will then help you track your pregnancy and the baby’s growth. It won’t do much about stretch marks though. Some things are beyond even an app’s abilities…

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