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Calculators or matter inside the skull?

Parents, what is your opinion about the usage of calculators? Do you think it is a right decision to allow kids use calculators while solving mathematics problems? Don't you think it might hamper the ability to think critically? Or you feel calculators would help kids solve more problems? Or it doesn't even matter? Research shows kids who get on well with calculators are not even confident during real life basic arithmetic e.g. shopping, buying a couple of movie tickets, tendering change, calculating tips, sale discount, profit-loss etc. Kids who do calculations in mind will develop good reasoning skills and problem solving ability would increase manifold. Encourage your kids to use brains rather than robotic calculators. What is your opinion?

3 years ago

2 experts and 2 parents have answered

expert answer
Mark Rutter expert
Mark Rutter Director AU
Education expert

Better students perform mental calculations and use more efficient methods. This is a given.

Being able to do simple mental computation and percentage calculations for example, by manipulating numbers or understanding laws of maths, give students an enormous confidence boost.

For impractical, less friendly numbers or complex calculations, a calculator is sensible, appropriate and superior.

Mental acuity and calculator proficiency are both desirable and not in any way mutually exclusive ut you have to train the brain.

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Experience 3 years ago
expert answer
Bob Zenhausern expert
Bob Zenhausern CEO Enabling Support Foundation New York, US
Education expert

In the 19th century arithmetic was the basis of higher math. In the 21st century arithmetic is the biggest hurdle to higher math. Most of what we call math disability is arithmetic disability. We should stress estimation over arithmetic. In most cases an accurate estimation is all that is needed. On the other hand, we should teach students that when absolute precision is needed to trust a computer rather than their brain. Mathematics should be taught on a spreadsheet so that arithmetic does not interfere with mathematics. Once arithmetic is not an issue mathematics becomes fun and we will have many more STEM students.

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Experience 3 years ago
John Kevin
John Kevin johnk

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Experience 4 months ago
Jessica Alley
Jessica Alley

Absolutely true! Children at younger age should do their mathematical calculations manually. They should be able to write college papers by the time they grow up and go to college. Children should have great critical thinking and allowing them sue technology is not correct for a certain age.

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Opinion 2 months ago

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