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Are there any good apps that help parents keep up with the curriculum?

Any apps in particular that give an idea of what kids should be learning/comfortable with at each stage? Or any apps that kids can find useful to boost their understanding of what they're learning in class?

Seeking Experience Apps , Education 3 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Adam Daly Gourdialsing
Adam Daly Gourdialsing FQ online editorial director London, GB

These guys are a good source for that kind of thing. US based but from recollection they do touch on UK centric apps. @TeachersApps

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Experience 3 years ago
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Lucy Gill expert
Lucy Gill Kids App Specialist Seer Green, GB
Technology expert

If you look at almost any one individual subject at a particular stage there are apps out there that support development of that subject at that stage - I'm happy to find suggestions if you name a subject and age.

However, your question I think is also about whether there is an easy to use app that gives parents more information on the UK national curriculum and what your child should know/be able to do at each stage so that you know best how to support what your child is learning, find the best apps etc.

I'm not aware of an app yet that summarises UK Key Stages in a parent-friendly format or the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS - for younger ages) for that matter. I'm actually in the process of putting a resource together for parents that will provide good, reviewed apps linked with Key Stages & EYFS but that's not ready yet.

There are apps that help teachers / childminders etc to keep records on child development (e.g. 2Build a Profile - like the learning journey a Pre-School would hold but electronic.

There are also a few apps out there (I haven't reviewed these yet myself) that gives parents some feedback on what their children particularly:

Kidaptive apps like Leo's Pad ( include the 'Parent's Pad' (see review:

Fingerprint apps like Whole Wide World which claim to use 'Mom-Comm' (see guardian article:

No doubt there are others...

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Fact 3 years ago
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Magda de Lange expert
Magda de Lange Global Learning Professional ZA
Education expert Khan Academy is excellent for children following the K12 curriculum. International Baccalaureute app is for those students on the IB Both will allow parents an idea of the topics and level of learning.

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Experience 3 years ago

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