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Siobhan O'Neill writer
Siobhan O'Neill Freelance journo and mum of 2

Of course! Probably loads for all different platforms. But here's a few you might like for iPad, iPhone and PC.

Miffy's Garden is based on the Miffy book of the same name and is a really cute but simple app for pre-schoolers. Help Miffy plant carrots in her garden, tend them, watch them grown then pick and enjoy carrots for tea! There are other fruit and veg themed games and puzzles within the app.

Crunch a Colour is a card game for young children that teaches healthy and balanced eating.

La la Lunchbox is admittedly for kids making a packed lunch to take to school, but there's no reason why younger children couldn't use it to help choose their own lunch or for preparing a picnic. It shows them what proportions of the different food groups make a balanced lunch and offers ideas of things they might like.

Cool Food Planet is aimed at children six and above, but is really interactive and a brilliant site for teaching kids how the food they eat goes from farm to fork.

And finally, though there are loads more out there, PBS Kids in the USA has several healthy eating games on their site, including characters they may be familiar with including Curious George, as does Nourish Interactive and Nutrition Explorations. Loads to try, and you're bound to find many more besides.

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Priya Desai expert
Priya Desai Speech and Language Therapist London, GB
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There is a great game by Orchard Toys called the Lunch Box Game, which introduces healthy foods to younger children.

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Experience 3 years ago

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