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Gaurav Walia expert
Gaurav Walia Education Technologist Jalandhar, IN
Education expert

Hello, autism is not a disease. It is just a kind of behaviour. I too had a sort of autism when i was a kid. The best way to get rid of this behaviour is to make your child realize his potential. Make him feel he is the best. Organize some tiny tasks and make him win. The only problem is inferirity complex. Well, you are looking for games, I would suggest lumosity games. They are very good for improving mental power, logical and analytical thinking. You can find them online and can be subsribed for a small fee.

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Fact 3 years ago

My son is on the spectrum and he struggled to make friends. He found (and finds) expressions difficult to read, hints impossible to pick up and so on. His concept (or lack) of personal space made him irritating to his school mates.

He found playing Minecraft over Xbox Live (so he was talking to school mates while they played together) helped no end. He was able to talk to them in a way that much suited his social communication style, he was able to showcase his awesome Minecraft skills (his Autistic traits lend themselves very well here), which helped boost his street creed. And then because he'd made these connections on his terms outside of school, those friendships started to blossom in school too.

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Experience 3 years ago

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