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Are there any gadgets or apps to help recycling household waste?

Right now I can hear refuse collectors ('bin men') dragging our recycling bin and emptying it into their van. Next Monday, they'll collect non-recycling, Meantime, there are other types of recycling (like bottles) that they won't collect at all. It's confusing and time-consuming and easy to slip up. Any help out there?

Seeking Experience Apps , Digital Future 4 years ago
Holly Seddon admin
Holly Seddon
Editor-in-chief of
Kent, UK

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Siobhan O'Neill writer
Siobhan O'Neill Freelance journo and mum of 2

Yes! Yes, there is! How about this Find Recycling appwhich for 69p will point you to many recycling points near you - wherever in the world you happen to be. (Most locations are in the US and UK, natch.) Depending on how forward thinking your local council is, they may even have an app of their own. Good old Tameside eh? (Salford, Aylesbury and South Oxon also have their own apps. Check your local council website to see if they do too.) And finally, Recycle Now will allow you to enter your postcode and give you advice on what you can recycle from home, and what you can take to your local recycling centre, as well as loads of other info on what you can and can't recycle. Maybe one day we can all aim to be like this family and have just one carrier bag of landfill a year.

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