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Heidi Scrimgeour writer
Heidi Scrimgeour Freelance scribe. Mother x2. County Antrim

Hell, yes.

There, I’ve said it.

And before for you beat me down with an arm-flailing howl of protest - careful to place your gadgets safely to one side first - let me confess that I lump myself firmly in that category too.

I actually breathe a sigh of relief on the discovery that my sons’ Kindles are fully charged on a Saturday morning, and when I scroll through the TV guide and happen upon a kid’s film which will enthrall them for the best part of two hours, I feel almost giddy with glee at the anticipation of some peace and quiet.

I’m firmly of the view that one insidious by-product of our kids having almost constant access to a steady stream of things to entertain them, is that modern children are practically impossible to wear out. Unless you drag them for a long hike in the woods, but good luck persuading them to opt for that over yet another hour playing Minecraft.

I jest a little, of course, but in all seriousness I do think we’ve come to rely on gadgets for things that a previous generation addressed using nothing more high-tech than their intuition.

As I stock up on baby bits and try to get to grips with all the clever new bits of techy kit which are marketed to parents but which didn't seem to be mainstream even seven years ago when my last child was born, I'm amazed by how much parents are encouraged to rely on technology.

And not just to entertain or educate the kids, but to tell Mum and Dad everything from whether the bath water is too hot (my Mum taught me to dip my elbow in the water, not use a digital bath thermometer) to whether your baby is still breathing (that's why I've always checked on my babies or slept with them beside me, not relied on a sensor pad to monitor their breathing every 20 seconds).

Bring back plain old fashioned common sense, I say. Because passing that to our kids will stand them in better stead than any gadget we could ever give them.

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