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Caramel Quin writer
Caramel Quin Technology journalist & mum of two London, GB

Customisable 3D dolls delivered straight to your door? Once they’ve got the okay from the toy safety higher-ups, Makies will be leaving Ken and Barbie in the dust.

I came across them while hunting for alternative dolls for my children, something a little more interesting – and less genre-divided – than your Bratz or your Action Men. Makies are 3D printed dolls that you design online – the face, the haircut, the outfit. But it doesn’t feel like a Cabbage Patch Kids-style marketing gimmick, more like you’re creating an actual individual, nothing like something from a bad Twilight Zone.

Made in London, they’re aimed at adults for now, thanks to the £99 price tag and the wait for toy safety certification. But the plan is to create a range, from a £50 action doll for children to a £250 bespoke doll that could wear a custom leather jacket and include a LilyPad Arduino – a mini wearable computer, the even first generation Makies are built with space for.

Perfect for ‘modders’ who like to mess about with their toys even more with custom paint jobs, clothes and increasingly hi-tech innards.

‘We believe in creative fun, toys that stimulate play and enable a player to craft, make and build – both online and offline,’ says MakieLab founder Alice Taylor, hinting at the next step.

Is this the future of toys? I certainly hope so – toys that my children can modify and get creative with, toys that are social, toys so cool-looking that I want to steal them!

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Experience 4 years ago
Fil Baldowski
Fil Baldowski Mother, Creator & Animal lover! Manchester, GB

Just a note to add that since this post Makies are now CE Certified for ages 3 and up, so now suitable for purchase for children.

The very first 3D printed toy to get it!

If you want to ready my input on why you should buy one, you can read my post here

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Fact 3 years ago
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Opinion 4 years ago

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