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Any tips on how to survive a long flight with a 13-month-old?

We'd be taking our first international flight with our child. It's a long (10 hour) flight and as much as I am looking forward to this vacation, I am also quite nervous (from keeping him entertained on the flight to coping with the time difference). Last thing I want is to be hated by everyone on the flight. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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iyas alqasem
iyas alqasem Bald Fat Father of 4 GB

Sleep. We've done long flights with our kids from the age of 4 weeks at youngest. The best solution we've found for long flights is to maximise their sleep time. And make sure you have milk or water for them to drink while the plane is taking off and landing - they won't understand the changes in pressure, which usually lead to a lot of screaming. Forcing them to equalise by giving them something to drink is essential. Also, make sure you have bulkhead seats on the plane if your child can still fit in and sleep in a cot. Most airlines will have travelcots that you can use on the bulkhead - ask them in advance.

As to everyone hating you on the flight, tough to say, but it's kind of their problem. They were kids once, and I doubt were so angelic that they never annoyed anyone - on flight or not. Don't let them intimidate you!

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