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Any good recipe apps for cheap, healthy student meals?

Preferably with easy to prepare recipes that don't take a lot of time.

Seeking Opinion Life Hacking , Apps 3 years ago
Tanya Bush
Tanya Bush
Mum of 2
Muscat, OM

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Andrew Weekes expert
Andrew Weekes Techy engineer, father of two. Sevenoaks, GB
Technology expert

I don't know about apps, but there's a totally fantastic website and YouTube channel, SortedFood (, which is just perfect.

Great recipes frequently aimed at single portions of tasty, interesting food, with the primary goal of getting students to cook. It's all presented by a great bunch of people who are obviously having a lot of fun, anchored by the great kitchen skills of Ben Ebrell, the chef. I've cooked a number of the dishes myself, and love them. Some of the fun desserts like the chocolate sponge made in a mug and a microwave are just perfect for a quick student dessert.

They've also collaborated with Jamie Oliver and his recent FoodTube channel (search for FoodTube on YouTube) which is also worth a look.

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