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Any good ideas for keeping children age 0-11 amused at a children's party being held in a school hall?

We're planning a children's Christmas party for our staff to be held in a school hall. The children will be aged 0 - 11 and we would love some inspiration for games or ideas to keep them amused for a couple of hours. We have energy, enthusiasm and ZERO budget!

Seeking Experience Child Development , How To , Education 3 years ago

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Lorraine Allman expert
Lorraine Allman Author, Businesswoman, Mum GB
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Where to start?! With such a wide age range you're going to need a good mix of activities to keep everyone interested - maybe some activities exclusively for the older children and others where they can all join in together. There are lots of small Christmas craft activities they can do using recycled materials so ask people to bring along a small bag of things like cardboard tubes from toilet rolls, kitchen foil etc. and some paint, crayons, and so on. Rather than list a load of things here, I'd refer you to this brilliant web site;medium=LinkBox&utm;_campaign=kids-activities-and-games which you use to source ideas for party games and activities according to age. I particularly like seasonal activities such as 'Christmas Tree Toss' but even games with balloons can be lots of fun too. There are so many activities which don't have to cost a penny, and actually it's always worth giving the children some space to create their own games rather than having it all laid out for them - you'd be surprised just how innovative and creative they can be given a school hall and some time! I hope this helps and that you all have a lovely time.

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