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Jo Middleton writer
Jo Middleton Writer, parent, blogger Bristol, GB
There is nothing quite like running your hand over the smooth cover of a brand new book, flicking through the pages and breathing in that new book smell. And of course they look amazing too – colourful spines lined up neatly on shelves, just asking to be picked up and read.
Whether you love or loathe the idea of e-books, there is an awful lot to be said for having a whole library at your fingertips, not least that a Kindle doesn’t require half as much dusting. We asked readers, young and old, why they loved their Kindles, and have come up with six reasons why Kindles are better than books. See if you agree. 
1. ‘I like to have books wherever I go. Plus it’s easier to hold on the tube!’
Kindles are the ultimate in easy to use technology. They’re light, robust, easy to transport and you only need one hand – essential if you’re travelling and need the other hand free to hold on to a small child or caramel latte. It’s also instant, meaning that if you like to have a book with you at all times you’ll never have to make that costly emergency trip to WHSmiths again.
2. ‘I find when I tap the pages of real books, the pages don't turn. What's that all about? So much work...’
Is this your level of laziness? If so, then a Kindle is definitely for you. Having to physically turn a page might seem like a bit of a non-problem, but when you’re reading in bed at night and have just managed to get comfy, not having to move every few minutes to turn a page is absolute bliss. 
3. ‘Mummy lets me buy new books more often than if we go to Waterstones.’
Cost is a big plus with a Kindle. Once you’ve made the initial investment most books are much cheaper to buy in Kindle form, with many available completely free. This is great for kids who can catch distracted parents unawares – ‘but it’s only £1.19 Mum – just click here…’
4. ‘I love that my Kindle means I have loads of books slotted into my changing bag.’
A Kindle really does put an entire library at your fingertips, meaning you can have a choice of books with you at all times. This is a fantastic day-to-day luxury, but when travelling abroad can be a really plus – no more taking up half your suitcase with the latest blockbusters and paying over the odds for luggage.
5. ‘I'm dyslexic and struggle with words but my Kindle lets me limit the amount of text per page by increasing the border area and using a big font. I can also read and have text-to-speech on, so it’s like it’s being read to me.’
Accessibility is one of the really big advantages of owning a Kindle. If you have any kind of difficulty reading you don’t need to limit yourself to the large print or audio section in your local library, you can simply set your Kindle to take your needs into account. A Kindle will also keep your page without you having to fold down a corner, let you search text – all kinds of clever stuff.
6. ‘No-one can tell what you're reading.’
This is one benefit that the retailers might not think to tell you about, but that can actually be incredibly useful. Fancy a spot of Fifty Shades of Grey while the kids watch TV? Want to read a book about CV writing skills in the canteen at work? With a Kindle no one will ever know…

Let's hear it, who agrees and who is shouting at their screen? Tell us in the comments below. 
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