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10 apps to turn your baby into a human

3 years ago

Tamsin Oxford writer
Tamsin Oxford Professional writer and editor Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, UK
Do you have a baby? A small child that needs to find its way into the world? Perhaps a toddler that requires support and guidance? Well, luckily for all you parents/owners of small humans out there in the world, there is an app for that…
1. Signing
Have a bonny, bouncy baby and fancy communicating with them before they have learned to talk? The Baby Sign and Learn app will teach your baby how to use sign language so that they can communicate their needs to you right from the start. It’s on Android and iOS.
2. First words 
Now that you can wave your fingers and hands about, it’s time to get going with Baby Flashcards for Kids. This app will teach your children from the ages of one to four how to build their vocabulary, figure out how to pronounce words and boost their language skills considerably. There are two versions – free and lite – and both are available on Android or iOS.
3. Writing
Your child, at the age of four, can now sign and speak so it is time to teach them how to write. iWriteWords is a neat app and has met with quite a bit of approval from parents and reviewers across the globe. The clever design means children get to really play around with letter shapes and styles and is available only on iOS.
4. Getting dressed
You and your kids can now get dressed with the Wonkidos and it looks like it could be a lot of fun. This app is sweet and simple and not too expensive, albeit only available on iOS for now. It is also quite a good place for special needs children to learn about the basics of getting dressed.
5. Go Potty
If you, like me, had the Restaurant Incident Of Embarrassing Doom when potty training your tot, you will really appreciate this app called Potty Time with Elmo. It uses the brilliant Sesame Street character to get kids down with the magic of the toilet (I can’t believe I just wrote that) and has been rated highly by parents who’ve used it. This one is on iOS and Kindle Fire.
6. Geometry, maths and numbers
Don’t want your child to go to school without the ability to distinguish X from Y? Okay, this app won’t do that, but Play123 has received accolades and praise for its superb layout and design and intuitive method of teaching your kids some numbers.
7. Tidy Up
I swear if I have to say, 'Please don’t leave your pyjamas on the floor' one more time I may spontaneously combust. Fortunately there is, as promised, an app for that. Kids Tidy Up teaches children responsibility and how to tidy up and how to form good tidying up habits. Put this on your wishlist, geek parents, although it is only for iOS so if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, add those to the list too…
8. Tell the time
Jungle Time for the iOS and Kids Learn Time for Android are two apps that will get kids’ heads around the concept of time and how to understand what the various bits on a clock mean. I wish they’d had something like this when I was a kid. I was so stupid at it.
9. Brush their teeth
Okay so brushing your teeth is boring. It’s tedious and boring and makes your nose tickle. So what if you could party it out with Brush DJ and help children see it as a fun experience rather than a chore? How brilliant would that be? This one is free on Android and iOS and is already a staple in this house. 
10. Pimp your ultrasound
Finally, you can do something so strange and odd that it is almost cool. You can use the app Pimp My Ultrasound to, well, bling up the sonar. Technically it’s not teaching your children anything, but it only seems fair that parents get to play with their technology once in a while. Available on iOS only I’m afraid…
Which apps did you use to help your younglings' development? Tell us in the comments below.
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