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Our experts - technology

It's hard to know whose opinion to trust, especially when it comes to our kids. So we’ve brought together a rich variety of experts from the worlds of education, gaming, child development, online safety, technology, family therapy and more to add professional knowledge and experience to the conversation.

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Sean Braacx

Technology Vancouver, CA
I am the founder of Whys Learning, a website with activities for families, that help teach social skills – empowering the parents, not replacing them. Personally, I am a dad and a husband, striving to grow in both these roles. Professionally, over the past 10 years I have been working on creating websites and mobile applications in various fields. My goal is to help parents do the same thing I am doing, prepare their children for the future!

Suzanne Freyjadis

Technology Austin, US
I run a consultancy and website called, Game Education LLC. I'm currently Consulting for a new EduGaming Conference to take place in August 2014. I also conduct research on the best ways to interrupt technology education in the primary grades. I am currently piloting a project where the goal is effective use of existing classroom technology. Many teachers are so overwhelmed with other curriculum that the technology piece falls by the wayside, which leaves students under-utilizing the technology tools they have. I am also interested in useful educational games, which are few and far between.

Melike Ergüven

Technology Bergisch Gladbach, DE
Established a web portal ( designed as a Kids Mobile Apps Guide for turkish speaking families all over the world. Design, customizing, social media marketing, content development and establishing new contacts are accomplished during the time when I was working as a stay-at-home mom. Localization of 3 kids applications are done up to now.

Lucy Gill

Technology Seer Green, GB
I'm putting together a website that provides reviews of apps for children, parents and childcare professionals to help people (particularly in the UK) to choose the right apps for their children and give developers advice on how to make their apps even better. I've been conducting user research on apps, TV services, websites and other technologies for almost 10 years for leading names like the BBC and have become fascinated by how much children can learn through apps and other technology while having fun. However, as a parent myself I know how hard it is to choose the right apps for your kids and how easily usability or other issues with apps can put the kids off the app completely.

Jodie Cole

Technology Birmingham, GB
I have been running JC Social Media since August 2011, and we provide social media management and training for companies and individuals. Having spoken to a lot of parents about their children and social media, I am very interested in hearing the rules and guidelines parents have in place to protect their children on social media. I hope to collect information to help educate more parents who are confused about the subject.

Nandesh Guru

I'm one of the founders of Talking Teddy. Talking Teddy is a fun voice recognition application for children. The application has educational content to ensure that children learn while having fun safely and securely. The application's speech recognition engine will recognize your voice and respond. Think of it as Siri for pre-school aged kids. Outside of work, I love volunteering and play on a Seattle Area flag football club team.

Bettina Chen

Technology Mountain View, US
I'm one of the founders of Roominate, the DIY wired dollhouse building kit that gets girls excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). I'm also a female engineer and my experiences of being surrounded by few women throughout my education inspired me to start my company. Outside of work, I love volunteering and play on a Bay Area ultimate frisbee club team.

Lior Frenkel

Technology Tel Aviv, Israel
I'm the Founder of UNDIGITIZE.ME - a project designed to reshape our relationship with the smartphone and screens in general. In addition I create apps, websites, consulting startups, blogging about technology and speak at conferences. I fully believe in what's behind UNDIGITIZE.ME: technology is great and valuable, but we - as human being - need to adjust ourselves and our habits, to make sure we enjoy the technology but not be controlled by it. More than others, kids should be educated to understand the technology in their hands. Unlike us - they were born with a tablet in their hands...

Spencer Whitman

Technology Pittsburgh, US
Spencer is the CEO and CoFounder of AppCertain. AppCertain is the resource for on demand information about what apps do. Spencer has over 12 years of experience as a computer security researcher and expert.

Sonu Sayeed

Technology Surbiton, GB
I'm a technology/internet/ecommerce director, entrepreneur and technology buff who believes that technology in the right hands can save the world and in the wrong hands can turn it upside down. I have a great interest in seeing code being taught to children in their formative years and am among a growing number of Internet specialists that would like to see all children develop the ability do some basic coding as it does wonders for the growing mind and will help keep developed nations competitive iin this changing world.

Andrew Grant

Technology Trowbridge, GB
I am a web development company owner, parent of 5 children aged 3 - 16, and part time lecturer on a computer science degree course.

Syed Hussain

Technology Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
I'm an IT professional with 10 years of experiences working in a wide range of IT and telecom companies. I specialise in computer hardware, software, antivirus, Internet security, wireless security and safety, parental control and monitoring, social networking, mentoring, IT for disable and elderly people etc.

Matthew Baker

Technology Brighton, GB
Currently involved with Teach A Man To Fish and Teach A Man To Fish is a UK-based NGO that promotes new approaches to education in developing countries. is a social media platform that enables individuals and groups world-wide to come together to share a meal and share their experiences.

Alex Salinsky

Teach For America alum, former charter school team member, school board member, mobile app facilitator.

Gigi Johnson

Technology Monrovia, California
I look at how we can expand our lives by reconnecting the digital dots. With groups ranging from my UCLA students to regional Girl Scout leadership and troops, I run sessions and programs on how to rethink about digital in how it changes our lives, families, communities, creative endeavors, and work. For kids, teens, and the parents (and grandparents) who adventure with them digitally, I can share how to use social media to research and find communities of interest, plan and research careers, and figure out how to find fans for creative work and community.

Alasdair Blackwell

Technology London, GB
Director of Decoded.

Maurice Wheeler

Technology London, GB
Maurice Wheeler is partner at The Little Big Partnership Over his 15 years of working in the marketing arena Maurice has helped many clients including Nickelodeon, Disney, Microsoft, Tesco, Universal Music, Procter and Gamble and Lego. Maurice has been asked to speak at conferences such as The Children's Media Conference, Cartoon Forum, TEDx and MIP Junior, and has written for publications such as Campaign, Marketing Week, and MCV. As he always has an opinion to share and a story to tell, he is continually on the look out for new opportunities to speak at conferences. You will mostly find him reading research papers, preparing presentations, running or playing with his two boys.

Peter White

Technology Romsey, GB
I have been studying the roll-out of technologies for the past 35 years, and have advised most of the major technology corporations in the world, either by them subscribing to my services, or buying one of my technology forecasts or by them engaging me in a consulting capacity. I am an expert in the underlying technologies used in digital video and the cellular industry.

Jennifer Cronk

Technology New York, US
Social Media Parenting is what I call "Parenting 2.0" Cyber safety and digital citizenship are my primary concerns for students in the 21st century. With digital advancements being made so fast, parents can be tempted to throw caution to the wind when it comes to on-line safety. Even for a computer teacher, it is a challenge to keep up with each new technological development that our kids are experiencing. For a parent, it can be even more difficult.

Marcin Szablewski

Technology Mississauga, CA
A IT Project Manager, addicted to making tech fun and usable. Help tip blogger, gamer and novice photographer.

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